Now that Purim is over, we are finally accessing our candy situation.  Most of the stuff was the typical chocolate wafers, botttles of wine and anything gooey and chewy.

A few baskets were definitely unusal and are worth mentioning. First was my daughters school Shaloch Manos basket.  It was  a cute metal shopping cart filled with completely random stuff.  Only after I read the letter attached did it make sense.  Here is a list of the stuff inside, see if you can put the “theme” together.

1.Black and White cookie

2 Water

3. Cotton Candy

4. Chocolate Leaves

5. Star shaped pasta

6. Candy Fish

7. Animal candies

8. People pops

9. Challah

10. Grape Juice

Did you guess it?  Its the theme of “Creation”…day/night, water/sky…..Cute no?

Other baskets that we received that were interesting were, Turkey sausages with rye bread and mustard and a pickle! We got a western themed mishloach manot that had a can of heinz beans!

Overall most of the baskets were just filled with the typical candies and chocolates and juice boxes.  We did not receive any fruit!  The most popular candy this year were little straws filled with large non parel candies (almost like the round sprinkles) in multi colors.  We got about 8-10 of those candy straws.  Our #2 candy which we received in three different baskets were the kids candy bracelet/watches.  The kids loved them!

All our stomachs ache, but the kids are awaiting next year!

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