Ive been trying to potty train my 3 y/o daughter the last week or so and I was rewarding her with a piece of candy everytime she made in her potty.  The timing actually worked out really well b/c i had tons of candy in the house from all our purim shaloch manos.  It started out by me rewarding her with a few jelly beans, then some licorise, then some chocolate, etc.  Now, every time she makes in her potty she says “what am i gonna get?” I hope I havent created a monster who thinks shes gonna get a treat every time she makes until shes like 20 y/o but for now its working and its getting rid of all my extra purim candy in time for Pesach.  Im going through tons of the candy, mostly b/c I give my other daughter (almost 6y/o) a reward too and occasionally, I reward my self with candy too!!! Let face it, potty training aint easy!

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