I was at a boutique last night (I’m a vendor for “the tile gal“- aka myself) and the hostess had mentos out for refreshments. They weren’t the typical fruit flavored or minty fresh breath ones, they were cola flavored mentos! Not too over powering in flavor, but a nice hint of cola. I’m sure there many more flavors out there, but not all kosher.

I remember when I first had kosher mentos, it was only in Israel. It was a special run for kosher and even then, some ultra orthodox people wouldn’t even eat them. Thy was like over 10 years ago.

Now, living in a very heavily Jewish area, mentos are all over the kosher markets with special runs made kosher with the highest kosher certification. You can’t buy the kosher run in a secular supermarket. They have to have he kosher certification on it. They have the fruit flavor, strawberry, cola and maybe a few more flavors, will have to check the kosher market after passover bc everything is turned upside down now.

Mentos are such good/ addictive candies. Hard on the outside, chewy on the inside. I could eat a whole roll easily. I love that thy make mini packages with like 5 mentos, so it’s portion controlled!

Just beware, do not give to kids, major choking hazard.

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