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I just came across this article from Parents magazine on throwing a candy themed birthday party!  What a great idea.  It’s putting 2 amazing things together…candy and a birthday.  I think any kid would love a candy themed party.

The article shows great ideas, like making giant lolipops out of balloons, wrapping paper tubes and cellphane wrap.  what an adorable way to line the pathway to the party.  They also put down lots of colored paper on the floor to create a pathway like the one on the candy land game board.  They also created easy giant candies that could go on walls for added decoration.  They just took 2 colored plastic plates, added some clear wrap and twisted the ends to make it look like a wrapped hard candy.  These just add another great dimention to a party room.

It would be so fun to have everyone play a real life size game of candy land.

My favorite is the party favors, which doubles as a project.  They set up bowls of various flavors of jelly beans or m and m’s and had the kids fill up empty water bottles/juice bottles (great for recycling its “green” friendly too) with layers of candy. Instead of sand art, which is wwaaaay messier, they could make jelly bean art.  And the best is, they get to take it home as the party favor.  You kind of end up saving a little money buy doubling it as the project and party favor.

Sounds like my dream party.